Kirkwood Game Breeders

Kirkwood Game Breeders is situated in the Sundays River Valley of the Eastern Cape, near the town of Kirkwood.

The Eastern Cape is well known for the high volume and variety of game found across a very diverse landscape. This puts Kirkwood Game Breeders in the unique situation that it breeds heart water and non-heart water animals.

Kirkwood Game Breeders have both intensive breeding areas that consist of 50 hectares to 100 hectare camps and open areas that vary in size from 1000 hectares to 2000 hectares. The so called Exotic animals such as Golden wildebeest and Black Impala are bred in intensive breeding areas. The open areas consist of normal plains game. In these areas a high price is put on only using top genetics.

Contact info:

Johan: +27 (0)79 503 9896
Francois: +27 (0)82 826 5580


Kirkwood Game Breeders motto says it all: "Only the best is good enough".
The vision will always be to breed the best possible animals for the next generation and contribute to the overall welfare of game in South Africa.


Kirkwood Game Breeders envisions a day when there will be no extensive breeding, but only free roaming game of the highest quality, thus leading to a healthier game population and at the same time ensuring a sustainable industry.